The following services are provided with the intention of peace keeping, and ensuring that the impact to the children is minimized:

  • Pre-separation consultation regarding separation
  • Co-parenting assistance and management
  • Separation coach to facilitate settlement and co-parenting
  • Individual counselling for parents and/or children
  • Co-parenting counselling
  • Counselling for parents regarding their children during the separation process
  • Voice of the children
  • Closed single session consultation – one 3 hour meeting to review situation and discuss options, useful if other negotiations have stalled
  • Assistance in developing parenting plans 
  • Collaborative Family Practice
  • Support and guidance in communication with ex-spouse
  • Help with understanding how children navigate divorce and separation with their developmental stage in mind
  • Coaching regarding access visits from transfer to return; how to make them pleasurable, productive and with the child in mind
  • Assistance with early resistance to visitation 



  1. Services are provided on a private discreet basis, and provided in an accessible and relaxed office environment.
  2. Services are provided in a closed setting, meaning that the information will not be shared or used in your court or legal proceedings. 
  3. Payment is required at the beginning of each session, by email transfer, or cash.
  4. Daytime appointments are available Monday through Friday. We offer some flexibility for evening and weekend appointments. 
  5. We reserve the right to refuse service based on inappropriate behaviour. Violence of any kind will not be tolerated.
  6. There will be no recording or posting of any content or comments in any form on any social media by clients or their proxy. 




Please review the bios of Sandra and Sonya, to determine best fit and call the individual for a 15-minute consultation. If you choose to proceed, on the first appointment you are asked to attend 10 minutes early in order to complete some forms. 



$150.00 per hour

Payment is required at the beginning of each session, and a receipt will be provided. However please be advised SG Family Solutions does not accept third party payments by company benefits or EAP providers. It is your responsibility to seek reimbursement to your insurance provider if available.